Assay Advisory is a blended advisory and corporate finance/investment banking team. They help clients who are primed and ready to grow – or primed and ready to achieve their legacy and exit. Founded as a partnership of former business owners, operating executives and investment bankers after years of experience building their own companies, Assay Advisory have a deep understanding of how middle market businesses operate, and have advised 3,000 businesses in over 30 countries. They have offices in Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Assay can provide you unexpected insights into the value of your assets, and help you appreciate your company from a buyer’s perspective. They have fully developed specific offerings that help clients right across their grow, fund and exit journey, namely:


  • Assess: The first step. Assay will work with you to assess your current situation to produce an Equity Strategy Plan (ESP) – the roadmap to achieving your legacy. This also aligns the equity legacy with your business vision.
  • Transform: Using our proprietary Equity Reward System (ERS) and PRIME process (Prioritise, Resource, Implement, Measure & Evaluate), they’ll work with you to realise your road map. Through their company sister company Shirlaws, we can provide you and your team with help and advice to provide the vital foundations for sustainable growth.
  • Exit: Assay Advisory can execute the necessary transactions that arise from the equity strategy advice they provide, in partnership with Assay Corporate Finance (Australia, Europe & UK and Israel) and Assay Capital Strategies (Canada & USA), so that your business maximises equity value.

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