At Deminos, their motto is “people grow profits,” and that’s why they focus on your business and your workforce. With their team of experienced HR professionals, they can provide you Human Resources, Employment Law, and Health & Safety support. They have a national team, so their advisors can come to visit your company no matter where in the UK your workplace is based.

Deminos offer bespoke services, and they design it around what your organisation needs.


You can choose the level of support you want in the following areas:

  • HR Support: You’ll be assigned your own Deminos Advisor for all HR issues, receive HR documents and templates, and 24/7 support through their emergency hotline.
  • Employment Law Advice: The Deminos Legal Team can provide you advice on any employment law issue, tribunal support and management, and tribunal insurance of up to £100,000 in any one tribunal, and up to £1 million per year.
  • Training: Choose from our popular courses, or work closely with the Deminos Training Team to create a bespoke training package to address your team’s needs.
  • Health & Safety: Provide your organisation with health and safety policies, assessments (including general risk, legal compliance and fire safety), and environmental services.

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