Operating across the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, Dent have been dubbed by Huffington Post as “The World’s Leading Personal Brand Accelerator”. They have worked with tens of thousands of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs globally to help them achieve business growth and ultimately become Key People of Influence in their industries. Their members include best-selling authors, award-winning companies, Guinness World Record holders, stand-out small businesses, TED speakers and more.


Dent offers the following services dedicated to accelerating the rising stars of business:

  • Accelerators | Dent Accelerators have been designed to provide business owners and leaders a high-performance environment that incorporates the effective combination of best practices, peer groups of like-minded entrepreneurs, accountability and exclusive resources.
  • Onsite Speaking & Training | Whether it’s for your own growing organisation or for a more expansive community of entrepreneurs, we can arrange for one of our speakers or trainers to host and conduct a workshop or seminar that covers the topic that would best address your audience’s needs.
  • Bespoke Training & Consulting Packages | To cater to the unique needs of your business, Dent can offer a tailor-made package that can include enrolment into one of our accelerators for key members of your team, access to our online resources and/or regular training sessions with one of our mentors.

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