Accelerate through the Entrepreneur Journey.

Join the 21-Day Entrepreneur Sprint.

Identify where you are on the Entrepreneur Journey based on what you’re currently experiencing, what to expect up ahead so that you can prepare, and the right strategy to focus on today so you can grow faster and more easily.


Dent Accelerators have been designed to provide you the three things that are key to your success: Environment, Focus and Resilience.

Environment dictates performance.

A person who might procrastinate and struggle can achieve at the highest level within an environment that helps them focus and take action. In the right environment, exceptional results and high standards become the norm, so we’ve crafted conditions that support fast results.

Right focus, right time.

No matter where you are on the Entrepreneur Journey, our Accelerators can focus you on the right thing at the right time, so you can bypass years of trial and error.

We have accelerators designed to focus on:

  • CONCEPT so you can gauge basic interest
  • VALUE so you can earn up to £85,000 ($150,000) in revenue
  • INFLUENCE so you can be more visible, valuable and connected in your industry, and achieve above average revenue per person
  • GROWTH so you are well-positioned to expand your operations and increase revenue

Create sustained periods of focus and creativity.

Success in business can take years of highs and lows to achieve. You must have the resilience to lean in for prolonged periods of time, while maintaining or improving your focus, effort and creativity. Our range of Accelerators designed for different stages of the Entrepreneur Journey enables us to work with you over prolonged periods, giving you the time and space to innovate and succeed.

What’s Included

For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

Our high-quality training has been developed by leading experts and stems from our wealth of experience working with thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Our Accelerators include Live WebClasses designed around tried-and-tested modules and activities, delivered by experienced Mentors.

Live WebClasses

Move from theory to practice

Immediately implement the strategies and create the assets that will do the heavy-lifting in your business, so you can create bigger impacts.

Our Accelerators are designed with creation and implementation in mind, and each assignment and brief has been crafted to get you moving in the right direction more quickly.

Asset Sprints

Master the principles

Gain a deeper understanding of all the key principles and strategies of our Accelerators anytime you want, as many times as you want, with our online learning system.

With hours of content available, our Portal that will enable you to unpack your best thinking, set goals and track your progress, and download templates that you can use to create assets for your business.

eLearning Portal and Dashboard

Grow with likeminded entrepreneurs

Our global communities are made up of thousands of likeminded entrepreneurs and leaders who have been specially selected to be on our Accelerators and share an aligned vision.

This high-performance community is an essential element of maintaining accountability, motivation, commitment and drive throughout any Accelerator journey.

High-Performance Peer Group

Create your business blueprint

Use our templates and canvases to easily create a blueprint for your business that you can revisit and rework as your best thinking evolves.

When you’re ready and you’ve filled in the templates, use them to easily brief and delegate to your team to speed up your implementation.

Templates and Canvases

Learn from those who’ve done it

Our KPI accelerator includes BlockBuster sessions led by a Dent Coach.

If you are feeling a bit stuck or needing more clarity, this will be your venue to ask questions and receive invaluable feedback and insights from highly-successful entrepreneurs who have been through the KPI program.

Coach-led BlockBuster Sessions

Join a global community of entrepreneurs, change-makers and professionals who are cutting down the time it takes to succeed.

21-Day Entrepreneur Sprint


Key Person of Influence Accelerator

per month

StartUp Accelerator

per month

Benchmark your ability to create and sustain periods of high demand.

Score your ability to create market buzz. Take the Campaign Scorecard and receive a personalised report on how you can improve your campaigns so that you can get – and stay – oversubscribed.