Innovate with entrepreneurial thinking.

Cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and strategies in your team and see fast-growth results.

Cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and strategies in your team and see fast-growth results.

Identify opportunities for growth, funding, acquisition and exit.

The 24Assets Heatmap helps you identify which assets to develop for a more valuable and scalable business.

Larger organisations benefit from longer histories, bigger brands and wider reach, but they can also be weighed down by it. The good news is that companies with hundreds of employees can innovate just as quickly and also make the most of the times we’re living in.

Entrepreneurial skills at every level

Make more sales.

Having your industry’s most attractive offer is no longer enough.

You need a well-trained sales team who can easily build a relationship with your prospective clients and take them on a journey that primes them to buy.

We’ve trained thousands of entrepreneurs and sales teams using our LAPS™ Methodology, and it’s enabled them to more consistently:

  • generate more Leads and signals of interest
  • book more Appointments for initial conversations
  • deliver more valuable sales Presentations
  • make more Sales without leaving a ‘salesy’ impression

Increase industry influence.

People are more likely to recognise, know, like and trust people rather than companies and logos.

Developing Key People of Influence at every level of your organisation allows you cut through the noise of the many other faceless organisations in your industry. They can:

  • pitch for and close bigger deals
  • amplify content that positions them as an industry authority
  • put more people through a product ecosystem and increase each client’s lifetime value
  • regularly feature in the media and win the company awards and accreditations
  • more easily form partnerships that expand the business’ reach

Develop digital assets.

Any bottlenecks in your business are caused by an asset deficiency.

A simple definition of a business asset is “anything that would still be valuable if you and your team disappeared, like a product that would continue to sell even with a smaller sales team, or an onboarding system that trains new members with minimal time required from HR or managers.

There are 24 categories of digital assets that, if properly developed, would mean your company can:

  • operate like a well-oiled machine
  • scale into more regions more quickly
  • enhance team engagement and customer loyalty
  • increase the company valuation for further funding or future exit
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How It Works

Your Team, Your Accelerator

Our high-quality training has been developed by leading experts and stems from our wealth of experience working with thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

We’re committed to making our Corporate Accelerator development process as collaborative as possible, so that we can prescribe the best combination of training, tools and resources to enable you to achieve those goals.

As we design the best Accelerator experience for your team, we’ll take into consideration

  • Schedules and timelines
  • Your organisation’s industry
  • Your delegates and their roles within your organisation
  • Your objectives and desired outcomes
  • Your company’s future plans and Big Picture

and then make a proposal that balances your needs with best practice.

Tailored for Your Organisation

Brave, Fun, Dent.

Your team will have the same Dent experience that our flagship Accelerators are renowned for, and will leave your team feeling excited to learn and implement their best ideas, and confident that they’re equipped to do their best work.

As with our entrepreneurs, we’ll drive your team to be brave and aim for bigger results, have fun and engage more with your organisation’s community, and make a dent and leave a lasting impact in your company and in the world.

The Dent Experience

Real-time learning and engagement

Our Corporate Accelerators include Live WebClasses designed around tried-and-tested modules and activities, delivered by experienced Mentors.

Our WebClasses are designed to be informative and engaging. Your team will be able to unpack their ideas onto digital tools and resources in real time, and our Mentors and our team will have facilitation tools to make sure everyone’s moving in the right direction.

The number and frequency of your team’s WebClasses will be based on your requirements and what our team will assess to be the ideal rhythm in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

Live WebClasses

Implementation is everything

Our Accelerators are designed with creation and implementation in mind, and each WebClass will culminate with an Asset Sprint – an assignment and brief that’s crafted to get your team moving in the right direction more quickly.

The Assets assigned to them will be practical outcomes and implementations of what they’ve learnt, and, if successfully carried out, would mean they will have created a resource that can be shared and used by your organisation where relevant.

Asset Sprints

More details on demand

Your team can gain a deeper understanding of all the key principles and strategies of our Accelerators as and when they need it with their access to our eLearning Portal.

Depending on the structure and design of your corporate Accelerator, we will assess which modules and features of our eLearning Portal will be most appropriate for your team, and the duration of their access.

We have a support team dedicated to developing and assisting with our eLearning Portal, as well as onboarding emails that will make sure your team will be supported as they navigate our system.

eLearning Portal and Dashboard

Enhance your internal community

We design each corporate accelerator to include multiple breakout sessions, team challenges and a private forum, sure to increases team engagement and enhance a sense of community, no matter where your team members are.

Whether you’re bringing together team members from different departments who may not normally collaborate or interact, or enrolling a particular department united in a common goal, the journey they’ll go through on an accelerator will stimulate more collaboration, new ideas and foster better working relationships.

Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Create your business blueprint

Using our templates and canvases, your team can easily create a blueprint for your business that current and future members can revisit and rework as the company evolves.

These resources make it easy to:

  • roll out new marketing strategies, sales processes and other strategies to other departments and regions
  • capture your team’s best thinking and see innovative ideas that might have previously been overlooked
  • brief teams and suppliers regarding the new assets you want to create for the organisation
  • document best practice and formalise it into systems and processes that you can maintain through quality checks and audits
Templates and Canvases
Inquire about a Corporate Accelerator for your team. Learn More

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