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It’s the greatest time to be an entrepreneur. There’s more funding, resources, and opportunities than ever before. Most importantly, there are lots of big problems that can be solved with entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.
With the right strategy, access to the right tools and resources, and the support of a high performance environment, you can accelerate the growth of your business and reap the rewards.
Stand out. Scale up. Make a positive impact. Apply to join a Dent Accelerator.
It’s the greatest time to be an entrepreneur. There’s more funding, resources, and opportunities than ever before. Most importantly, there are lots of big problems that can be solved with entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.
With the right strategy, access to the right tools and resources, and the support of a high performance environment, you can accelerate the growth of your business and reap the rewards.
Stand out. Scale up. Make a positive impact. Apply to join a Dent Accelerator.

Dent develops entrepreneurs who stand out, scale up and make a positive impact.

Our vision is to see happy and successful entrepreneurs solving meaningful problems in the world.

Over 3500 businesses have worked with us directly through our world-class Accelerators, implemented our proven strategies and best practices, and have become more visible, valuable and scalable in their respective industries as a result.

We’ve also worked with thousands more entrepreneurs outside of our Accelerators through our one-off workshops and sessions, as well as our bespoke corporate programmes designed to infuse entrepreneurial thinking into larger organisations.

Dent develops entrepreneurs who stand out, scale up and make a positive impact.

We're proud to be a global small business.

We’re worldwide leaders in entrepreneurial strategy, media and technology for businesses.

In the last 10 years we’ve built our global small business with regional headquarters in the UK (EMEA), Australia (APAC) and Canada (Americas). This allows us to work with entrepreneurs from all around the world, and entrepreneurs can join our Accelerator sessions no matter what timezone they’re in.

We're proud to be a global small business.

Business as a force for good.

Over the last century, micro-entrepreneurship has helped raise billions from poverty.

We’ve raised and donated over $1,000,000 to charities and social causes around the world.

Our team’s Giving Impacts include

  • providing clean water to communities in Africa
  • educating local fishing and farming communities in the Philippines about sustainable practices
  • distributing equipment and appliances that run on renewable energy in rural villages in India
  • enabling students and adults around the world to continue their training and education
  • funding reforestation projects in different continents

… just to name a few!

We’ve also awarded places on our Accelerators to dozens of charity CEOs, social entrepreneurs and change-makers to accelerate the growth of their organisation and their impact.

And we don’t stop with just our team. We guide the thousands of entrepreneurs in our Accelerators to ensure they have a giving strategy, too.

Business as a force for good.

We mentor the rising stars of 50+ industries.

We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes from startup to billions in revenue. We’ve also worked with celebrities, respected veterans, academics and sporting heroes, ensuring they have a business strategy that enables them to keep doing what they are great at.

Our flagship Accelerators feature celebrated business leaders who mentor the rising stars of various industries through uniquely designed and acclaimed training and development.

As a result, our clients have won awards, grown internationally, been featured in the press, increased their revenue and profit, and raised millions in funding

We mentor the rising stars of 50+ industries.
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Become one of the most visible, valuable connected people in your industry.

Every industry has an inner circle of its most well-known and highly valued people who are the Key People of Influence. Their names come up in conversation – for all the right reasons. They attract a lot of opportunities – the right sort. They earn more money than most – and it isn’t a struggle. They can make a project successful if they are involved – and people know it. They don’t chase opportunities – they curate them.

Become a Key Person of Influence and enjoy a special status in your industry that positively impacts your business.

Applications are selected based on merit, chemistry and timing. Approximately 150+ people interview with our team for every 40 people on our cohorts. Reapplication is permitted up to 2 times a year, however price may vary.

What's Included
  • Live WebClasses with world-class mentors
  • Hours of videos and downloadable templates in our GSD Portal
  • Access to an exclusive community of likeminded entrepreneurs
  • Support of a Dent Coach who's successfully implemented the methodology
What's Included:
  • Live WebClasses with world-class mentors
  • Access to eLearning modules focused on the StartUp essentials
  • Templates and canvases so you can easily create a blueprint for your business
  • A private community that includes entrepreneurs who've successfully accelerated through the StartUp phase

StartUp Accelerator

Join the Entrepreneur Revolution.

Self-employment is often painful and lonely, but something happens when you shift from self-employment to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship means building a business that has a life of its own. A business that can employ people, that allows the owner to take a holiday, and that can afford to pay healthy incomes. A business has promise – it could be global, make an impact, and create some real wealth for those involved.

Accelerate through the StartUp phase by mastering the four things you need to successfully go from self-employment into entrepreneurship: the right Concept, an engaged Audience, a remarkable Offer and consistent Sales conversations.

from $US500 pcm
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Enrolment is a 12-month minimum. When you finish, you have the option to extend on a monthly basis. Price may vary.



Accelerate through the Entrepreneur Journey.

The Entrepreneur Journey can be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. From working with thousands of entrepreneurs globally, we’ve gained practical insights about businesses of different sizes and at different stages that we’re excited to share with you so that you can bypass years of trial-and-error.

In this 21-day sprint, you will:

  • Gain clarity on your Entrepreneur Sweet Spot, the origin story behind your business, and the mission and vision that drive it.
  • Identify where you are on the Entrepreneur Journey based on what you’re currently experiencing, what to expect up ahead so that you can prepare, and the right strategy to focus on today so you can grow faster and more easily.
  • Discover the 5 key ingredients for a high-performance Entrepreneurial Environment so that you can properly equip yourself for the journey ahead.
What's included
  • Free bestselling books: "Key Person of Influence" and "24Assets" by Daniel Priestley
  • A weekly video series and accompanying templates and worksheets
  • A live WebClass with Dent's co-founders
  • A 1-hour session with one of our strategy coaches to look at your business origin story, mission and vision
  • Digital "goodie bag" of valuable resources so you can start implementing what you learn.

Make the most of the times we are living in.

Disruption is a powerful force for entrepreneurs. Some of the world’s most successful businesses were launched during highly disruptive times. Now is the greatest time in history to be building a business. There’s never been more money, more talent, greater access to markets or more meaningful problems that need solving. It’s a perfect storm for anyone who wants to make money and make a difference.

Over 3500 clients across 50+ industries have worked with Dent.

Sebastian Bates | The Warrior Academy

“The quality of the teaching is amazing. Something I’ve never experienced before. You’ve got these driven entrepreneurs with lots and lots of questions, and there’s not a single question the mentors are fazed by. They’ve been there, they’ve done that, and they’ve got a system in place to help guide you along.

My book’s become a bestseller on Amazon. We were voted top five in the UK for activities for our children, not just in martial arts, but for different clubs. And I remember when I was developing my pitch for the first time, I sat down and I had to fill in what would be a great vision for the business. I couldn’t think of what to write – this was part of the plateau issue I had. What could be a big goal for us? I just put ‘Take the Warrior Academy global.’ And now a year on, we’re a global organisation with 2,000 students around the world. The amount of feedback we’ve gotten, testimonies we’ve had from parents, has been absolutely mind-blowing.”



Katherine Maslen | Brisbane Natural Health

“We’d experienced good growth in the business. Our client numbers had been good, and our team kept growing. But after four years of working on the business, I still didn’t have the reach that I wanted, and I didn’t have any idea about how to make the type of impact that I wanted to make. I realised that we were spending so much time getting new clients all the time, and although our client numbers were growing, it seemed like an endless process and I wanted to be able to do so much more.

Since releasing my book, things really started to shift, and the media began to notice me. In the last 12 months, I’d been on the Channel 9 Today show, multiple radio stations around the country, I’d been featured in a dozen articles in major publications like Good Health, Wellbeing and Nature & Health. Since being featured in the media regularly, our new clients increased by 30%, and the people we get through our doors are way more likely to invest in their long-term health. For the first time in my life, I have an amazing amount of clarity about the impact that I want to make in the world and how I’m going to do it. I’ve fallen back in love with my business.”


Robert Gardner | Redington

“Pitching is transformational. The ability to get crystal clear, get the credibility in there, has not only changed the amount of business that Redington has won, but it’s changed the way everyone in the firm pitches ourselves to the outside world. We picked up three industry awards for being the best investment consultant of the year, we’ve taken more clients and more assets, and we landed a transformational partnership.

I joined the KPI course six years into my business, so there were already 50 people working at Redington. I only wish I had discovered KPI earlier. It’s been transformational not only for me, but for the business. And my challenge now is to turn every single member in Redington into a KPI.”


Dennis Hall | Yellowtail Financial Planning

“We were doing okay. I was being on the BBC every couple of weeks, I was going on the radio, on television. I had my own weekly column in our industry mags. I was pretty well respected in my industry, and we had no trouble at all getting new clients. So we had no problem there, but I kind of didn’t know what we were doing. It just felt like a treadmill, and working with coaches and consultants weren’t really doing anything.

I thought I’d already been pitching, and publishing, but the pitch isn’t just about having an elevator speech, it means unpacking it and doing something else with it. So I began to unpack. Since writing my book, my business has slimmed down in terms of the number of clients we work with, but my fees have gone up. So I love the writing process, because I can craft something of real value and it’s great fun.”


Mok O’Keeffe | Innovation Beehive

“What KPI allows you to do is to really focus and to move with pace. It gives you a structure and process that allows you to believe in yourself and realise your own value. The product piece forces you to think about what you’re actually doing for your clients, [and] what your clients or customers really want… to think bout the output rather than the input.

I have never regretted it for a minute. In just over a year, our business has gone from one employee and one virtual PA to now five employees. Our business has almost doubled in size, and we have clients in the UK, in Europe, the Middle East and North America. We partnered with Google, and they launched my book. I thought, ‘I’m never going to have the time to write that book,’ but it’s the single most important thing I ever did. It has completely set us apart from everyone out there.”


Antoinette Oglethorpe | Antoinette Oglethorpe Ltd

“KPI has been a game changer for me, not only professionally for my business, but also personally. It’s also given me something which I didn’t expect, but I realise now is also important to me – a group of like-minded business people. Finding others that you can talk to, be genuine and honest and open about the challenges you’re facing, and then get support, tips and advice, is rare. I certainly didn’t have it before KPI.

The business I’m in, and the business most people are in, is very crowded. And I think it’s really important for people to recognise that they can stand out and they can distinguish themselves and set themselves apart from others by becoming a Key Person of Influence.”


Stacey Kehoe | Brandlective

“As a digital marketing agency, we were putting together packages or retainer packages for our clients each month, and I was underpriced. I was thinking about how much time we’re putting into this and basing what I should charge them based on how much time we would be investing.

One thing that changed from doing KPI was I thought about the output. What is the outcome for my client? And I basically put together packages that are based on that. It significantly changed our pricing, and that was a really huge thing for me. And just by giving [the products] names, it helps our clients understand what it is that they’re getting, what we are doing for them.”


Natasha Hawker | Employee Matters

“Employee Matters was going well enough, but it wasn’t wildly successful. It definitely wasn’t wildly successful enough considering all the hours I was putting in. I was regularly working 60-70 hours a week, and the problem was I actually knew I had a great product, but I struggled with how to get that message out there.

Implementing the five P’s in my business has been the gift that keeps on giving. Doing business has gotten so much easier. I’m loving what I do, I’ve lost that sense of desperation, and I’m having a lot more fun.”


Jon Hollenberg | Five by Five

“I found over the years that the website game was getting more and more commoditised. People were shopping around, they were getting through quotes, and it was getting hard for us to pitch and win work. Because of this, it was driving our prices down. We were caught on that treadmill of putting our heart and soul into each one of these projects and realising that ‘Id better go out and find that next project.’

Now I get introduced as a published author. The book is a business card on steroids. Competition is irrelevant. We have a much higher conversion rate, and we don’t get that pushback on price like we used to. The other really cool thing is that it’s not me building the websites anymore. I’ve got a team of 10 people who are doing the rollout and the implementation of our methodology.”



Francisco Bricio | Simetrical

“We have a software business in the automotive industry. We weren’t growing, but then we did all the KPI principles, and now we’ve grown exponentially.

We are now in 11 countries in America and in Europe as well, when we started we were only in one country. We were not that big, revenue was $2M, and now we are at $60-70M. We’re now invited to conventions. I sit on the board of three of these manufacturers as an advisor. We became an authority, when in the beginning we were just a software company providing numbers.”


Stephanie Taylor | HMO Heaven

“I joined the Key Person of Influence Accelerator in November 2019 and it’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made in our business. What I learned in the Accelerator helped me see our mountain of value and share it in a more intentional way which has transformed what we do and the impact we have.

There have been so many benefits that’s it’s difficult to know where to start so here are a few highlights from the past 18 months.

  • Wrote and published our first book, Rent 2 Rent Success, which became a number 1 best-selling book on launch. Since then it has remained in the top 10 books in Real Estate on Amazon and achieved over 160 5-star reviews within 6 months of publication.
  • Launched the Rent 2 Rent Success Podcast which is in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally.
  • Been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Business Insider, Property Investor Today as well as national newspapers including The Telegraph, The Daily Mirror and The Sun and others.
  • Been asked to appear on four television programmes as a property expert.
  • Our monthly website traffic has increased an incredible 27x since we joined KPI and started implementing the content strategies.
  • We’ve help thousands of people transform their lives through ethical property business.
  • We ‘make a dent’ by giving to projects we believe in via B1G1
  • Achieved more working fewer hours and with more fun incorporating the systems taught step by step in KPI.

Finally, what I value most is the wonderful connections I’ve made with fellow entrepreneurs in the KPI community. It’s so good to be part of a community of people all aiming to be exceptional.”


Nicole Bremner | East Eight and London Central Developments

“I’d always done one or two properties just as a hobby. It was just a way of me reinvesting the family finances and sort of keeping me occupied so I wasn’t just a ‘lady who lunched’. I didn’t actually know that property could be a serious business for someone like myself. If you talk to people who’ve done KPI, there’s one P that stands out for them, and for me it was Partnership.

After the Partnership day, I was introduced to an experienced property developer, and he proposed to joint venture with me. Now I know that, had I not done that Partnership day, there was no way I would have invested half a million pounds with a near stranger to actually do this partnership. But my goodness, did it change my life.”

Karl Schwantes | Xennox Diamonds

“I felt like I was working crazy hours, and I was putting in extra effort, but I felt like I wasn’t being rewarded for all the extra hard work and effort that I was putting in. It got to the point where I was feeling frazzled and really burnt out. I knew I had a lot of value to give, and a lot more people I could be helping – I just wasn’t reaching them.

Starting KPI allowed me to understand that I actually had a unique method for creating the ultimate engagement ring. … Since my book launch, I was fortunate to have a lot of extra media exposure. But KPI’s done a lot more for me than just the book. It’s also given me great tools to form a lot of fantastic partnerships – partnerships I was able to leverage with my book launch, with companies like Brisbane BMW, The Flight Centre and Good Life Gyms. I’m just so excited at this point of all the amazing opportunities and possibilities that are yet to come.”


Blue Wilson | Bodaskins

“I think a big problem has been finding the right people, getting them onboard with our brand values, what we’re about and the kind of work ethic we want. Then Nathan and I read Oversubscribed and then we started to read more about what Daniel had done, and what Dent was all about.

What we wanted out of 24Assets was to structure the business, grow up a little bit, mature. Being part of 24Assets made us feel a bit more confident. We hold pop-ups all over the world. We do them in New York, San Francisco, Sydney. In 2018, we did 24, so you can imagine that we put our assets to the test and for them to really work consistently for us in different timezones, with different teams, and now we can really operate internationally.”


Join a global community of entrepreneurs, change-makers and professionals who are accelerating their success.

21-Day Entrepreneur Sprint

Learn more about why it's the greatest time to be an entrepreneur, how to accelerate your growth to build a Lifestyle or a Performance business, and what practical steps you can take to set yourself up for business success in today's digital age.
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  • Downloadable worksheets
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Key Person of Influence Accelerator

Our flagship Accelerator. Enlist others into your vision with a powerful pitch, publish the right content that positions you as an authority, develop a profitable product ecosystem, raise your profile and form game-changing partnerships that expand your reach.
  • Live WebClasses with expert mentors
  • Coach-led accountability sessions
  • Access to GSD Portal
  • Exclusive Key Person of Influence Community
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StartUp Accelerator

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Revolution. Gain clarity on your unique value proposition, identify and attract your ideal customers, develop an irresistible offer you can test in the real world, and master a high-integrilty sales formula that makes it easy for people to buy.
  • Live WebClasses with expert mentors
  • Monthly Q&A sessions
  • Comprehensive production checklists and templates
  • Exclusive StartUp community
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Discover Your Influence Score

The Key Person of Influence Scorecard benchmarks your ability to influence and identifies opportunities for leveraged growth. If you want to become more visible, valuable and connected, this tool will identify your baseline.

Take this scorecard and find out how ready you are to be a Key Person of Influence – and receive a report that’ll tell you what to work on to become one.

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