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At the centre of every industry, there’s an inner circle of its most well-known and highly valued people. They are the Key People of Influence

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We’ve developed thousands of entrepreneurs like you to stand out from the crowd, scale up while bypassing years of trial-and-error, and make a positive impact with their business.

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Become a Key Person of Influence

Success requires more than just a set of technical skills. A Key Person of Influence needs to hone 5 special skills that set them apart.

– Pitch
– Publish
– Product
– Profile
– Partnerships

Perfect Pitch

The entrepreneur journey is a journey of a thousand pitches. Regardless of how great your product or service is, if you don’t have an amazing pitch, people will always struggle to recognise your value.

Perfect Pitch
Publish a Book

Publish Content

Publishing through books, blogs, reports and articles builds credibility, authority and attracts fresh opportunity from anywhere in the world.

Product Ecosystem

Turning your skills, ideas and talent into products increases the number of people you can add value to, breaks the time-for-money trap, and allows you to spend more time innovating.

Product Ecosystem
Industry Profile Awards

Industry Profile

You are who Google says you are. Being good at what you do is no longer enough – you also need to stand out and be recognised.

Powerful Partnerships

Creating the right partnerships and joint ventures allows you to scale. But until you’ve established yourself as a Key Person of Influence, it’s nearly impossible to meet eye-to-eye and get the breakthrough deal.

Powerful Partnerships

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